PS3 modding,jailbreaking, and more

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PS3 modding,jailbreaking, and more

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:36 pm

Ah, everyone remembers November 11,2006 when possibly the best game system to ever be released wass up for purchasing, and all you Sony fan boys remember this moment, yes the release of the PS3 Fat 40gb model.
Usually, in the world of console gamers out all comes down to choosing a PlayStation, Xbox, or a Nintendo3ds.This choice is usally made by deciding what quality you wanted to play your games in and how you wanted to play them.But if you are like me and care about stuff like how much ram your system has and what type of hdd drive it has then your cboice might be a little bit harder.
Most people look to buy a type of console becase their friends have it and they want to play with their friends.But me and a lot of nerds like me look for customization options.I got my PlayStation3 because it had a nice look and a replaceable hdd drive.Later though i broke my first PlayStation and had to decide if I wanted another PS3 or if I was going to get another PS3 or buy an XBOX bounce .
Truly I cant discriminate the Xbox I had one, and it wasn't the worst system I'd ever had por anything, I just had expected alot more out of the hardware that was put into it.Again, consoles are good if you were introduced into that first, but for all you new gamers out their I strongly recommend you get a pc, either buy one or build one.For all of you already console gamers, im going to show you how to do everything possibile on it. Surprised


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